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The Vision

To work with Sihlelile Trust to provide a practical, safe and durable building that will allow Simcelisile
Educare to best serve the pre-school children of Lidgetton West.

Current Sitiuation

Simcelisile Educare was started by Mrs. Esther Zuma, a qualified teacher, after requests from various community organisations to use her skills to set up a second pre-primary in the Lidgetton West area. This was needed as the only pre-primary was full to capacity and many children still had nowhere to go to receive pre-school education, care and nutrition while parents are at work.

The school currently operates from Esther’s property in two temporary buildings which are not ideal for children and which prevent the school from being officially registered and receiving government funding. Despite this the teachers run an excellent, well-structured programme for the children and they are thriving. Sihlelile Trust was set up by a number of people in the Lidgetton community with the express purpose of building a permanent building for the school. The neighbouring property was donated to the trust and is ready to be developed.

KCCT has committed 20% of the building costs as well as their time and expertise to fully oversee the planning, execution and monitoring of the building project.

Get Involved

The success of this project depends on generous organisations and individuals who are committed to seeing the children of every part of South Africa receiving high-quality education and care – starting from their early years - which will prepare them for successful schooling and develop them into responsible contributors to South African society in future.

You can donate a gift towards the overall building costs or specifically choose to sponsor one of the following:

Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown

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