Current Trustees

R K Collins (Chairman) S F Johnstone
M R Collins M W Lyn

The initial Trustees appointed to the Board were Mr. K.G. Collins on 31 May 1985. Messrs. A.P. Austen Smith and K.I Mitchell were appointed as Trustees in October 1988. Mr. G.F. Walker passed away towards the end of 1990. Professor K.I. Mitchell resigned from the Board in September 1997 and was replaced by Mr. B.L. Allen.

Mrs. W.E. Collins passed away on 29 January 1999 and Mr. S.F. Johnstone was appointed to the Board in October 1999. Mr R.K. Collins was appointed to the Board in July 2005, Mr B.L. Allen passed away on 7 January 2007. Mr A.P. Austen Smith resigned from the board, and Messrs M. R. Collins and M.W. Lynn were appointed as Trustees on 13 June 2007.

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